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Sylvia P. Sullivan LCSW

Position:Clinical Social Worker/ Therapist
Sylvia is a licensed therapist/clinical social worker (LCSW) specializing in parent psychotherapy. She provides therapy and coaching for parents who want to see positive change in themselves and their children. Children are amazing beings—yet their behaviors can be frustrating and difficult to understand. The cultural movement toward conscious parenting sheds wonderful light on how we, as parents, can have a rewarding parenting experience, even when our children are not at their best. However, there are times when parents need help examining their approach toward their children. This parental “unpacking” can be so helpful in overcoming obstacles toward a profound parent/child connection. When parents are able to make sense of their own life experiences, a veil lifts and we are able to see our children in a different light. Doing this work in a safe, loving, judgement free space can make all the difference in our parent/child connection—the most important factor in our child’s emotional health, now and in their future.