Our Center

Soulstice was founded by Ahlea Khadro in 2004 in San Diego as a center for optimal living and integral wellness bringing together ancient wisdom tools with the magic of modern health technologies. She has long carried the vision of assisting people to live more freely in their bodies as a soul in a human form.

Soulstice is dedicated to creating a safe and sacred space for profound healing and transformation through a balanced array of tools and services. Health and Healing is done when we approach a person holistically and honors the unique nature of every individual.

Mirroring the messages in her book, written with Louise Hay (Loving Yourself to Great Health), Soulstice empowers people to awaken the truth that health is a balance of how we care for ourselves, what we put in our body and the thoughts that we align our mind with.

Our Center is peaceful, bright and inviting and our collective of skilled and caring practitioners are ready to serve you on your journey of optimal health and wellbeing.

We look forward to meeting you!