Organic Facials

Customized Organic Facials 

Our Customized Organic Facials featuring Evan Healy products will take you on an aromatherapy journey filled with plant magic to help balance your skin, body & mind. Our chosen products engage the power & wisdom of Mother Nature into a simple, yet effective organic skincare line. Organic plant water, oils, clay & shea will leave your skin glowing – this custom facial is great for all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin, hormonal imbalanced, rosacea and dry skin. Our skilled esthetician personalizes the products and treatments needed for your unique skin and needs.

Whether you need a facial focused on acne care, rejuvenating tired tissues, a deeply hydrating facial or exfoliation, our esthetician will personalize your experience based on your needs and how your skin adapts with seasonal changes, stress and lifestyle.

Rose quarts crystal stone rollers are used to massage and release negative energy and toxins from the face and neck. This treatment helps encourage the movement of lymph, increasing blood flow and reducing puffiness as it firms & soothes the skin. Stone rollers add to the decadent feeling of our organic facials inviting your whole system to unwind and find peace.

Add Ons: an additional 15 minutes per add on

Facial Cupping

Rooted in the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine this technique is a great non-invasive and revitalizing option. Using a gentle suction the facial tissues are lifted to stimulate blood flow and the lymphatic system which helps the face eliminate toxins and excess fluid. Cupping stimulates collagen, plumps fine lines and wrinkles as well as soften any scars. This treatment will give you the radiant, glowing skin you are looking for and promotes health and wellbeing throughout your whole body.

Gua Sha

contouring Also beneficial for people with chronic sinus issues, inflammation and TMJ disorders. 


60 Minutes    $85

AddOns: $15

High Frequency Treatment | Jade Roller   | Facial Cupping

Gua Sha |  Kansa Wand  |  Crystal Reiki Facial

**Packages Available Upon Request that include product discounts

Evan Healy Skin Care

Evanhealy is a line of holistic and organic skin care products inspired by the wisdom of nature, formulated to support the rhythms of the body, and created to transform the modern perception of beauty. Evanhealy relies on certified organic and wild-crafted plants, mineral-rich clays, and sustainable harvesting practices to create each one of their products. All of their oil serums and hydrosols are certified organic by Oregon Tilth, the foremost certifying body in the USA. By choosing whole essential oils instead of aromatic isolates evanhealy chooses therapy over convenience. We trust in the wisdom of the whole plant.

Each step of their production is done by hand at the evanhealy production center in San Diego, CA. All of the products are hand blended, hand packaged and made in small batches with love. Maintaining this intimate connection with plants elevates the efficacy and therapeutic benefits they provide. It keeps the profound prana of the plant alive and well, so that by the time the bottle is in your hand, it’s still bursting with vitality. A vitality you can smell, feel and see on the skin. We know you will love evanhealy products as much as we do.