Ahlea Khadro

Position:Holistic Health Intuitive, Nutritionista, Spiritual Mentor, Author
At an early age Ahlea realized she had a unique gift to “see into” other people’s bodies. She was able to connect with the stories that lie beneath the surface of people’s lives. Her quest to translate these stories into healing protocols took her on a dynamic and unconventional adventure. From mainstream hospitals to the feet of yogic masters, Ahlea’s far-ranging path has allowed her to see new ways to heal the body and the soul.

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Merav Segall, MFT

Merav is a licensed marital and family therapist (MFT) specializing in child psychotherapy. She provides developmentally appropriate play therapy for children up to twelve years, as well as parent coaching tailored to meet the specific needs of each family. All children encounter situations that challenge and destabilize their natural balance as they go through life. Most of these events are minor and children naturally steer themselves towards health. However, there are times when family transitions or other traumas impact children more significantly. In these instances, children and their parents sometimes find it difficult to move forward and can benefit from professional assistance. When children are exposed to a positive therapeutic process, one in which they feel validated, understood and empowered, it allows them to heal from past experiences and learn coping skills to better manage current and future challenges. Play therapy provides such an experience and is the medium through which I work with children. Merav Segall received her master’s in marriage and family therapy from the University of San Diego. She completed her clinical training at UCSD Inpatient Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Services and worked in the Outpatient Psychiatry Department at Rady Children’s Hospital before opening her private practice. Merav specializes in working with children and adolescents as well as providing parent coaching and family therapy.

Judy Huang

Position:L.Ac., CMT, Acupuncturist
Judy has been practicing Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine for over a decade and is constantly humbled and inspired by its power. She has extensive experience working with chronic and acute pain, digestive challenges and emotional struggles. Her presence is a perfect blend of depth of spiritual - Since the early passing of her husband she has found a passion for working with people experiencing grief or someone feeling stuck or challenged in the transitions of life. Judy enjoys helping them to tune into their essence and calling to awaken a sense of their innate presence. She is aware that everyone's uniqueness must be incorporated into a healing protocol and treatment plan. Judy and her dynamic daughter love adventuring in the beautiful outdoors of San Diego.

Dove Love

Position:Reflexology, Spiritual Mentor

Sylvia P. Sullivan LCSW

Position:Clinical Social Worker/ Therapist
Sylvia is a licensed therapist/clinical social worker (LCSW) specializing in parent psychotherapy. She provides therapy and coaching for parents who want to see positive change in themselves and their children. Children are amazing beings—yet their behaviors can be frustrating and difficult to understand. The cultural movement toward conscious parenting sheds wonderful light on how we, as parents, can have a rewarding parenting experience, even when our children are not at their best. However, there are times when parents need help examining their approach toward their children. This parental “unpacking” can be so helpful in overcoming obstacles toward a profound parent/child connection. When parents are able to make sense of their own life experiences, a veil lifts and we are able to see our children in a different light. Doing this work in a safe, loving, judgement free space can make all the difference in our parent/child connection—the most important factor in our child’s emotional health, now and in their future.

Sophie Mahoney

Position:Health, Wellness and Fitness Professional
Sophie's curiosity and passion for her own personal health, fitness and wellness lead her to Pilates in 1998 when it was first introduced to her as a form of therapy to build core strength and to restore physical equilibrium. For over Eighteen years she has shared her passion for Pilates, Therapeutic movement, athletic conditioning, sports medicine, aromatherapy, nutrition and wellness. In 2015 she became an Energy Medicine Practioner (EEM) and Sophie enthusiastically shares this powerful modality in her movement sessions as well as focused Energy Medicine Sessions.  Sophie's approach to health and wellness is whole=istic . She helped you discover how all parts of your life affect and support your health as a whole.  Sophie's passion is to help people connect with the wisdom of their body, mind and spirit. Combining her expertise of the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual body with a consciousness-based approach to achieving health is her unique style to allow people to access and nourish their own wisdom. Sophie is a facilitator of health. She will help you put the pieces of the puzzle (this amazing life journey) together so that you can access your full authentic potential.  Trainings: Pilates Stott Certified instructor (level 1&2) Corrective exercise specialist TRX Suspension System  Spinning Certified (MAD DOGG Athletics) Holistic Health Coach  Whole food plant based diet (WFPB) Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner (EEMP)

Emily Unter-King

Position:Therapeutic Pilates | Prenatal & Postnatal Pilates
I believe in light and work with the light. I consider the shadow side of human beings a necessary part of the transformation process . I think understanding the past can sometimes be useful but not always. I read and study a lot. I’m into Eastern Mysticism, Shamanism, Depth Psychology and whatever else draws me in. I am relentless about my own growth and development. I know that the mind and body are deeply connected and you can not heal only the mind or only the body or only work on your spirituality. All must be explored and considered in the healing process. I believe you are the healer, not me or anyone else.

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April Fink

Position:Pilates Instructor, Reiki Master, MFT
April is a Pilates Instructor, Holistic Health Coach and Reiki Master. She has a Masters Degree in Marital and Family Therapy and has studied nutrition and coaching at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. April brings her passion for health and well-being into her work with her clients. She believes that we are all unique individuals and views each session through the lens of bio-individuality. April is married and has an 11-year old daughter and enjoys being involved in her life. She believes it’s important to give back to her community and spends some of her time volunteering at their synagogue and at her daughter’s school.

Dr. Kamran Jahangiri

Dr. Jahangiri was raised in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. His desire for the best education available in his chosen field brought him to LIfe Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA.

Stephanie Pusker

Position:Holistic Esthetician
This SoCal beauty began her skin care journey 10 years ago when she attended Bellus Academy in San Diego for esthetics. From day one, she was drawn to the holistic side of skin treatment and truly believes in the power of Mother Nature. Stephanie has always felt that harsh, abrasive skin treatments were not the answer and believes that healing touch, intention and beautiful organic skin products are all the skin needs. She has a degree in Biological Anthropology from UCSD and became certified as an evanhealy trained esthetician in April 2018.