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Tantric Foundations

Keys to Awaken the Experiential Path


Tantra is an ancient wisdom lineage that invites you Home to You.

This 4 Part course will offer you the profound and foundational keys to living your life with freedom, expression and rich self-knowing.

These keys will touch all aspects of your world:
~ Your Relationships
~ Your Emotionality
~ Your Beingness
~ Your Sexuality
~ Your Sacred Movement in the World

If you’ve been curious about what it is to live a tantric life, or how to be more fully You … Join us for this Beautiful Gathering.

About Your Facilitator

Jennifer Laurin is the founder of Shunya Gates Temple and a Certified Tantric Counselor. Her work helps one live and move in accordance with their unique constitution and true nature. She offers one-on-one and couples sessions, workshops, and ceremony facilitation.

As a Tantric counselor, she combines counseling with energy work to support deeper self-knowing; inner ease, freedom and Grace. Her capacities allow her to meet the Human and awaken the mystic, offering a seamless and layered experience of both in union. With deep roots in the Tantric wisdom lineage, she weaves the human and the spiritual into a holistic life experience.

In addition to her work in the personal growth and well-being arena, she has 15 years of experience as a mindful development professional with numerous contributions in the sustainable communities and green building world.

$195 Early Bird Investment
$225 Course Investment


November 16
November 23
December 7
December 14

*Each Class held from 3:00PM-5:00PM


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