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Self Care: Reflexology


Sunday Self-Care Circle presents a sacred offering with the extraordinary, Dove Love.

Empower yourself and take wellness into your own hands with tools from the gentle, yet profound system of Reflexology. You will learn basic theory, principles, touch technique, and applications for common ailments such as: headaches, allergies, neck and shoulder pain, back pain, anxiety, stress reduction, depression, and PMS.

This workshop will guide you in creating a vital connection with your body and encourage the formation of a loving & healing relationship with yourself.

** Bonus Offering: Sound Vibration Healing with a very special friend.

DOVE is a Healer who is here on Earth to facilitate and assist in a shift from mind-centered living to the true center,  Heart.  With over 25 years experience in healing arts, with studies in both body and soul work, he offers healing and teaching with a private practice based in San Diego, California.  In addition to inspiring others to love, he uses his gifts not only as a Healer,  but in multiple forms as a fine Artist.  


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 Learn more about Dove at www.dovelove.earth

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